California Attorneys for Criminal Justice

The California Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Since 1973, Justice has been part of our name, because Justice is our goal . . . From our initial membership of 60 lawyers, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice has grown to over 2,000 members and is the country's largest statewide organization of criminal defense lawyers and allied professionals. When defense team members and their clients need a strong advocate for justice in the legislature, the courts and the media, CACJ is there.

CACJ's membership includes both attorneys and associated professionals throughout California and in other states. Through its membership, CACJ continues to be the statewide association of its kind in the country.

California Law Enforcement Accountability and Community Justice Act

The California Law Enforcement Accountability and Community Justice Act of 2020 is designed to address many of the racially-based flaws in our criminal justice system that result in the over-incarceration of people of color.

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Webinar Roundup

CACJ is collecting information on webinars, discussion groups, and events and posting the information here. These presentations may provide professional education or resources of value to our members, or provide opportunities to take action. You will find Police reform, racial justice, COVID issues, and trial tactics among the topics covered.

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COVID-19 Resource Page

In order to help all members of the criminal defense bar serve the interests of our clients, and justice, during this rapidly-evolving crisis CACJ is giving public access to the status reports, legal motions and materials which can guide us through COVID-19 measures.

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Trying Trials in Trying Times

DUI Rules of the Road 2020