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Assembly & Senate Public Safety Committees held a joint informational hearings on CA death penalty i

Tuesday, May 17, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Pictured left is Nancy Haydt, CACJ's Death Penalty Committee Co-Chair, speaking out in support of the repeal measure.

Death Penalty Repeal Measure #15-0066 repeals the death penalty as maximum punishment for people found guilty of murder, replacing it with life without possibility of parole. It also applies retroactively to those already sentenced to death. People found guilty of murder must work while in prison and up to 60% of their wages may be applied to victim restitution. This initiative is expected to reduce net state and local costs by around $150 million annually within a few years.

Death Penalty Streamlining Measure #15-0096 changes procedures regarding appeals and petitions challenging convictions, including designating superior court for initial petitions, limiting successive petitions, and imposing time limits on reviews. It requires additional appointed attorneys to accept death penalty appeals, making prison officials exempt from existing regulations in the process of developing execution methods, authorizes inmate transfers, and inmates must work and pay victim restitution.

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