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CACJ COVID-19 Resource Center Launch, March 19

Thursday, March 19, 2020   (0 Comments)
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CACJ COVID-19 Resource Center Launch, March 19

Criminal defense attorneys are passionate about people, justice and the law. We work hard and think harder to provide the zealous representation our clients deserve /and require. We are generous with our time and our work. Civil firms may copyright their briefs to protect financial value, but we share our best work with colleagues through list serves and brief banks. We are frequently the lone, and lonely, voice for liberty, justice, and a humane world.

During this time of rapid and extraordinary change CACJ is your organization and your resource. We have a COVID-19 Resource Center on the website at proctored by past-president Jacqueline Goodman. Go there to see sample motions to release pre-trial detainees who can’t make bail, the latest available information on court policies county-by-county, articles on the importance of reducing inmate populations to prevent widespread fatalities, and other material that may be useful for you in navigating the uncharted waters ahead.

We want each of you to visit and use the resources we have today, and tell everyone about our public COVID page. But we also want you members to BE a resource. If you receive official information about a court policy for the pandemic, if you draft a motion to O.R. clients, if you write a memo on double jeopardy implications of a mistrial due to virus policies, please share it so all can benefit from your work. Forward any materials by email to and we will keep adding to the resources on the COVID pandemic. 

We also encourage you to visit and contribute to the brief bank. Members can go from the home page to the Resources tab and Brief Bank. There are topics to choose from, and a search from anywhere in the bank will be a global search across all topics. Today you will see that we are in the early stages of building content for the Bank. Take some of the time you are saving by not sitting around a courtroom and add some of your work to the Bank for the CACJ community. Click on any topic and just above the first post you will see the “Add a new post” link. This is a blog-post system so choose a title, attach a file(s) and give a description of the material to be posted in the comment box. Click Submit and you are done. Items added in the COVID-19 topic will also be shared on the public COVID-19 page.

Thank you all for your efforts on behalf of life, liberty and justice. Working together we can make this better than it would be without us.

Stephen Munkelt


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