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These links will take you to opportunities for advocacy, education, or volunteer service for events from CACJ as well as others. Updates will be posted often, so come back to browse opportunities frequently.

National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition

CACJ’s annual NCTAC has quickly become known for its excellence and our competitors hail from some of the best trial advocacy programs in the nation.

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Lobby Day

CACJ Legislative Committee members make an annual trip to Sacramento's State Capitol to work with and build relationships with California's lawmakers.

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Events from Other Organizations - Webinar Roundup

CACJ is collecting information on webinars, discussion groups, and events and posting the information here. These presentations may provide professional education or resources of value to our members, or provide opportunities to take action. You will find Police reform, racial justice, COVID issues, and trial tactics among the topics covered.

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Upcoming Events

Learn more about our other trainings, workshops, LIVE webinars, and other events hosted by CACJ.

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LIVE Webinars

Learn more about our other trainings, workshops, LIVE webinars, and other events hosted by CACJ.


This one hour MCLE covers the basics of Proposition 47.  What offense are eligible and what offenses are not?  Who is excluded from Proposition 47?  How does one obtain a reduction? What uncertainties still exist as to the application of Proposition 47?

   California finds itself in a unique situation in the age of Gavin Newsom.  It is a situation in which the death penalty has become an impossibility.  The only remedy is to put the death penalty down once and for all.

This Webinar will give an up-to-the-minute account of what California capital defense lawyers are doing about it and what they can do in the future.  Even outside the world of Newsom, as practices throughout the death states, capital punishment is anachronistic, flawed, likely to kill innocent people, expensive, discriminatory against people of color, lower economic groups, people with intellectual impairments and those who were abused themselves a children.  Nevertheless, this Webinar will address a systemic defect in jury procedure that simply cannot be cured. 

   This webinar will discuss the ethical issues with social media, covering three areas.

1. Posting responsibly on your own social media accounts
2. Disclosures required when investigating on social media
3. What to do about your client’s damaging social media post

   Batson/Wheeler claims are a critically important feature of criminal litigation -- they are one of the few opportunities defense attorneys have to directly confront the discrimination that infects so many aspects of the criminal justice system. (and conveniently for some, you often do not need to get into the facts of the crime to win) Yet Batson/Wheeler violations are rarely called out by trial or appellate courts. Defense attorneys should not be part of that problem! This online webinar will provide tips on how to raise and frame Batson/Wheeler motions, how to make out a good record at the trial level, and how to present arguments that may surprise and confound your opponents. We discuss some of the recent cases which have (and may still further) impact the legal playing field governing claims of discrimination during jury selection. We will also explore novel strategies for digging deep into the evidence (and to create new evidence) which will help demonstrate that the taint of invidious stereotyping has impacted your case.

   Prop 57, spearheaded by Governor Jerry Brown, passed last November with nearly 65% of those who voted, voting yes on the measure. Prop 57 aims to lower the prison population in California by increasing the opportunities for a parole hearing for those convicted of non-violent crimes, and allows judges to decide whether to try juveniles as young as 14 years old as adults. Before this measure, prosecutors would decide. This measure was partly in response to a 2009 court order mandating that California reduce its prison population numbers. Elizabeth Calvin of Human Rights Watch and co-sponsor of the measure, will give her expertise on what you need to know about the changes to the law and how this will affect your clients.

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