CACJ ListServ

CACJ's Member-Only ListServ

A listserv is the fastest way to communicate with hundreds of hundreds of members and receive responses back for a variety of positions. It is accessed through your personal email account, with no additional program or software to install or learn. This is the best way to build communication and professional relationships, as you have the ability to connect with members that you would not see day to day, or communicate with otherwise. This allows you to expand your network and benefit from the knowledge of other members in the group.

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How do I sign up?

Once you click on the link (Sign up now!) you will select the group or groups which interest you. After you “Submit” your request it will be reviewed to confirm your current membership status, and soon you will receive an email for each group telling you that you have been approved as a member. The email will include the email address for that group. Save it, and use that as the “To:” address whenever you have a query or comment to send.

How does this work?

Simply put, it takes an email you send to the group email address (called a reflector email), and the server redirects that email to all other subscribed members. It is like sending a bulk email, but you don't have to have their email address in your contacts list.

Is it complicated?

NO- Nothing to install, learn, or remember. Simply save the reflector email into your address book, and the server takes care of the rest for you.

Is it secure?

YES- You use your own personal/professional email account, and we never collect any information about your account or password. Be sure to sign up with the same email you provided to CACJ to ensure quick approval. After you are added to the list you do not need to be re-authorized again that membership year.

Is it private?

YES- Only CACJ Members will have access to join, and even if someone were to learn the reflector email address, the server first matches the from email address as a valid ListServ member, before sending the emails out. The ListServ is free for CACJ Members who pay yearly dues.

What is the difference between Reply and Reply All?

Our List Serv emails are sent just like normal email from a Sender's email address and to a group email address (instead of listing everyone's individual email address), and it "behaves" just like other email in an inbox, where the default is normally a "reply" to the Sender and "reply all" is a selected case to all senders and all recipients of the email.

If you wish to reply JUST to the sender, use REPLY. If you want to reply back to the entire group you can use REPLY ALL and simply remove the original sender from the To list.

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