Resources for Attorneys

Internship and Employment Opportunities

CACJ posts job listings for positions throughout the state and across the country. We also post internship positions in law firms as well as public defender offices.

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CACJ's Brief Bank

Whether you are looking for a template for a suppression motion, citations to cases on sentencing issues, or challenges to excessive bail, you can find inspiration and examples here.

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Members Only ListServ

CACJ offers secure, instant access to your fellow members at your fingertips. Tips, advice, questions, and discussions can happen among members via your personal email account without a separate login or password to remember.

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CACJ Foundation

The CACJ Foundation was established to improve the quality of criminal justice by engaging in activities designed to educate by developing and disseminating a body of new knowledge about the criminal justice system.

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Educational Video Archive

Curated training videos on various topics.

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Member Hotline

Emergency Assistance, including Contempt of Court; connect to a team of experts if you encounter an urgent need for assistance in dealing with a court emergency, including being threatened with or being held in contempt.

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Affiliates & Affinity Partners