The New CACJ

The New

"It is such an honor to be part of CACJ and to watch the heroic efforts of CACJ members fighting to achieve fairness in our legal system. When I first joined the Board I had no idea about the incredible efforts and success CACJ advocates make on a daily basis throughout our great state. The collective wisdom of the outstanding attorneys that comprise the CACJ Board is inspiring and makes me a better attorney and citizen. The efforts and support of CACJ members ensures the protection of liberty and justice for all."

Deedra Edgar, Board Member 2012-2017

CACJ’s 2019 Officers and Board of Governors are pleased to bring you this new site with an updated look, plus more and better resources. The site launched on November 14, 2019, but there are additional resources still under construction.  Come back over the next few weeks for the new brief bank, suggestions to Take Action, links to the current issues of Forum, the latest MCLE webinars, and much more.

Our search functions are much-improved, with rapid return of results from the entire site. A click on the CACJ logo will take you back to the home page. The brief bank will include a list of subject-matter ‘blogs’, with natural language search of all blogs at one time.

There are different resources for the public and for CACJ members. You can log in from the top right of the home page, or you will be prompted to log in if you try to access members-only resources. If you can’t get directly back to where you were from your profile page click the CACJ logo in the top left corner to navigate back.

Like every new endeavor there will been some growing pains. If you find a broken link or other problems in function please send word to our Webmistress Tara Da Re (

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